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Can I make a SA CTP claim?

If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident where the vehicle at fault was registered in South Australia, you may be entitled to compensation under the SA CTP Scheme.

You will not be able to make a CTP claim in South Australia if:

  • You were entirely at fault in the accident; or
  • The vehicle at fault was not registered in South Australia. You may, however, be able to claim against the CTP Scheme of the state in which the vehicle was registered.

For more information on your entitlement to make a claim, please refer to our PDF Download 'Injured Persons Guide' or call Allianz on 1300 137 331.

If you are eligible to claim, the PDF Download 'Injury Claim Form' is required to be submitted to Allianz:

  • As soon as reasonably practicable where the vehicle at fault is unknown or uninsured;
  • Within six months of the accident in any other case.

How do I make a claim?

Step 1: Complete an PDF Download 'Injury Claim Form', including the PDF Download 'Prescribed Authority'.

Assistance in completing the Prescribed Authority can be obtained in the PDF Download 'Prescribed Authority Guide'.

Additional information regarding the SA CTP Claims process can be obtained in the
PDF Download 'Information for people injured in road crashes' brochure.

Step 2: Lodge the PDF Download 'Injury Claim Form', including the PDF Download 'Prescribed Authority', with Allianz

Simply print out and complete the form and either:
  1. Mail it to: Allianz Australia SA - CTP GPO Box 2198 Adelaide SA 5001
  2. Fax it to 1300 137 431
  3. Deliver it to Allianz CTP Reception at 89 Pirie St, Adelaide SA 5000
  4. Email to
Alternatively you can call Allianz on 1300 137 331 and after taking some preliminary details, we will send you the forms for you to complete.

Step 3: Allianz will contact you

On receipt of your 'Injury Claim Form' you will be notified of your claim number and the contact details of the person managing your claim. Should you wish to check on the progress of your claim you can contact your Claims Consultant directly on the number provided or call 1300 137 331.

Note: The 'Prescribed Authority' will remain in force until your claim is resolved or you revoke it. However, you cannot revoke this authority for at least six months after you sign it.

For answers to other questions you may have, try our FAQs.

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