The Career benefits and entitlements offered by Allianz include:

Study Assistance Program:
Allianz encourages employees to develop their skills and knowledge by providing assistance for approved studies, which are demonstrably of value to both the employee and Allianz.

Career Breaks:
We recognise that our employees may wish to take a career break to pursue other ambitions, so we offer up to 12 months unpaid Career Break, with guaranteed employment upon return.

Allianz Employee Experience:
“The Allianz Study assistance program has provided me with support and assistance to complete my Masters in Occupational, Health and Safety over the last 2 years. The leave and financial entitlements have made it easier for me to balance the demands of part-time study.” Samantha, Human Resources, NSW

“Taking a career break was one of the best opportunities that Allianz allowed me to pursue during my employment. It allowed me the chance to travel and see parts of the world I might not have seen otherwise. I was able to spend 5 months travelling through Europe, visiting towns and cities I’d only ever dreamed of, with the financial security of knowing I had a job to return to. Upon my return, I found I had a renewed enthusiasm for my job which consequently resulted in my promotion. If you get the opportunity for an extended stint of travel, study or time with the family I highly recommend the option of taking a career break.” Kiri, Workers’ Compensation, WA


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