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Our Realistic Times and Rates form is currently under construction

Allianz Australia Insurance Ltd (Allianz) is working towards introducing a Realistic Times and Rates Assessment methodology.

As a prerequisite for this change to our current assessment methodology, Allianz and each individual repairer needs to mutually agree on the hourly labour rate ($ value) that will be applied to Repair Estimates that are prepared for Allianz.

We will shortly be launching a web based form allowing repairers to submit to Allianz their proposed rate, together with supporting documentation for their hourly labour rate ($ value) calculation.

This web based form once released will allow Allianz to consider each repairers application in order to reach a mutual agreement for the repairers hourly labour rate ($ value) allowance.

Please check this page regularly for further updates.

Please Note:
Until the above steps are completed, we remind repairers that our current estimating and assessing methodology will remain unchanged.

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