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Car insurance in Sydney, NSW

60% of households in the City of Sydney own a car, more than 85% in metropolitan Sydney own onei and New South Wales ranked first out of all Australian states for total number of car thefts between July to September 2011ii. Take out comprehensive car insurance to protect your investment in the event of car theft as well as for damage to your own car or to third-party property.

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If you live in Sydney, be sure to take out comprehensive car insurance from Allianz to secure your investment.

Thefts in Sydney

As compared to Victoria, the risk of having your car stolen in New South Wales is significantly higherii. Although there are now 30,000 fewer cars stolen in NSW during 2010 as compared to 2000iii, you should still be wary of Sydney car theft black spots. In the year between September 2009 to 2010, Blacktown had the most 2089 thefts reported, Bankstown was second with 1426 and Campbelltown third with 997iii. In the Sydney local government area in 2010 there were 713 incidents reported, a decline of 8.4% from 2009 figuresiv.

A decline in car theft rates does not mean you should stop protecting your investment. Take out car insurance but also be wary of car theft black spots.

Accidents and damage

With car theft, vandalism and third party property damage risks in mind, secure the investment in your vehicle and get a comprehensive car insurance quote online today.

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