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Choosing Car Insurance

Compare apples with apples when choosing your car insurance


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How to choose the best car insurance for you

With so many options available, choosing the right comprehensive car insurance for you can be confusing. You want to compare apples with apples, and think about the benefits to you.

Here, the Internet is an invaluable tool. You can browse around and get an accurate online car insurance quote online car insurance quote, right away. Compare the prices - but just make sure you’re comparing like with like: ensure you choose the same answers to the insurer’s questions.

When looking at the extras and benefits, try and imagine the circumstances where they would be useful.

For example, imagine you’re hundreds of kilometres away from home, and your vehicle is unsafe or unfit to drive, or has been stolen. You’re stranded. So what happens if you need to stay the night, or a couple of nights?

Well, it would be great to have a couple of hundred dollars available to pay for emergency accommodation, wouldn’t it? And that’s what the fully Comprehensive Car Insurance option SureCover Plus Car Insurance from Allianz offers.

On the other hand, you might never use a caravan, so the extra allowance for damage to a caravan might not suit.

Thinking about situations like that will help you decide on which benefits are more attractive.

Tips for saving money on your car insurance

The price you pay for your comprehensive car insurance is determined by a number of factors - some of which you can control.

You'll reduce your car insurance quote if you:

  • Limit the number of drivers
  • Restrict divers under the age of 30
  • Have a named driver only
  • Compare and choose your extras carefully
  • Buy online: Allianz provides up to a 15% discount* for policies bought online (*Conditions apply)
  • Qualify as a safe driver
  • Have been with your current insurer for more than 5 years
  • Increase the excess (the amount you have to pay in the event of an accident)

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