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How is the cost of Car Insurance worked out?

Insurance is where a company such as Allianz takes the risk of having to pay out in the event of an accident or claim, in exchange for premiums. The amount of those premiums is based on facts and statistics.

Imagine if every time you sat down for a coffee at your favourite café, they spilt it when they brought it to the table.

After a while, you’d notice a pattern. You could start predicting the coffee spill, and even do something about it - like have a napkin handy.

That’s how insurance works - on a much more detailed level. Large amounts of historical data are gathered so that patterns of insurance payouts can be calculated. When you enter your individual details, computer databases compare other people who match your profile, and the risks associated with them.

Then it’s a fine line between being competitive, and ensuring payout costs are covered.

Some of the key factors that help determine car insurance risk include:

  • Your age
  • The make and model of vehicle
  • Annual mileage
  • Whether the driver is male or female
  • Where the vehicle is kept overnight
  • The suburb or town
  • Whether the vehicle is owned or financed

Allianz have recently added more questions into their online car insurance quoteonline car insurance quote, so they can more accurately predict how good a risk you actually are, and ensure you’re not paying for other people’s mistakes.

By comparing your details against those of others that match the profile, a premium amount can be calculated.

Why not try the Allianz online car insurance quoteonline car insurance quote now, to see how you - and the car insurance premiums you would pay - compare?

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